Do you really not see the hypocrisy of Democrats in this episode? I’m probably not going to change your mind, and you’re probably not going to change mine. I don’t think Biden’s guilty either, as the evidence is just not there to brand him as a rapist.

But this is selective justice is there. Are you also unaware that Mr. Franken was a comedian, that the act was part of a skit? Are you just going to ignore that several people have corroborated that Reade told people her account at the time whereas few in the moment could confirm Christine Blasey Ford?

The expedience is there, and the Democrats look extremely bad right now for lowering their standard for a man just because he’s their presidential candidate. If they don’t believe he’s guilty and everyone should have a fair investigation, shouldn’t they have done that for other people accused, like Franken and Kavanaugh? Maybe they should take a look inwards and recognize those blind spots right now, because I’m not the only one out there that thinks this selective fair treatment is ridiculous.

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