Hey Sherrye,

I live and teach in Baltimore too, and I’m not generalizing about people or my students. They are very intelligent and do what they need to to survive. In fact, I think they educate me more than I educate them. I am just commenting on some observations.

Baltimore might be in a unique place because we have a mayoral campaign next month, but I was on my way to the school building to deliver work packets to kids, and while driving through/walking around in East Baltimore, saw around 15 people gathered to put up signs for Sheila Dixon. Saw large numbers of kids walking around too. And unfortunately, the violence has not subsided much in the city. We ended March with 18 murders. The truth is people are still out there and the gun violence has not stopped.

Here’s a piece in the Sun that details it. I wouldn’t say that people aren’t taking the Coronavirus seriously here but more so that the threat of Coronavirus seems very distant when this is what you deal with and fear every day. Also it just hasn’t hit as hard here as it has some place like New York.

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