I just started watching The Sopranos so I probably shouldn’t have read this — but I find the fact that every good character should be compelling. Look at Cersei Lannister. She’s a mass murderer, and conniving schemer, but she’s redeeming in that she loves her children. She’s a fantastic character that we feel compelled to both love and hate, a realistic depiction of who we are in everyday life.

I feel myself gravitated toward Joe and Tony Soprano similarly. Sure, they may do some awful things, but who am I to judge? I think it’s more of a failure if you can’t make a character portrayed with redeeming, sympathetic qualities, which is why I think Tiger King failed in portraying Carole Baskin. I understand that it’s a grace unequivocally given to white male characters, but Cersei was a breakthrough, to me, for how a female character could be incredibly flawed yet still very compelling.

Wrote this up on Carole if you’re interested in reading:

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