Laws, policy, and anything more that can be done higher up level to protect those who bring up complaints and hold accountable those who abuse power. I think this is a great article that details possibilities.

I think the justice on the surface level of holding accountable men like Louis and Aziz in the public sphere is so imperfect and even regressively so when a man like Donald Trump can make it to the White House after admitting to groping women he finds attractive or someone like Brett Kavanaugh can make it to the Supreme Court after multiple accusations and his behavior in front of the Senate.

The current framework for how we handle public and high profile complaints and accusations has equivalents that are similar to the War on Drugs’s punitive and instant gratification-searching measures against drug users and low level dealers. Sure, you might get some crack off the street, but there are much higher up problems that if you tackle you’ll ameliorate the problem, and the justice of arresting users for marijuana or crack use is incredibly problematic if that justice isn’t equally applied across racial or gender groups.

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