Mason, I’m glad I stumbled upon this piece. I get my fair share of negative comments on the platform, particularly from articles about my faith or politics. We’re taught early on that religion and politics are topics to avoid because of how divisive they can be, so for a time I shied away from writing about either.

In person, I am very relatable and find a way to bond with everyone. But I have had very hostile comments, one funny one that called for a Darwinian world where I wouldn’t make it, others that just called my pieces straight garbage, or others that came at me for believing in “snake oil” Christianity.

I enjoy reading negative comments, actually. Some of them make me laugh and chuckle. The rule of the Internet makes it so it’s better that someone reads and has an emotional response to writing than not, than not having a response all. They don’t hurt me much because I receive harsher comments every day from students as a special educator, so I’m glad I’ve become impervious to negative comments.

Don’t get me started about negative ratings as an Uber driver though…

Believer, Baltimore City special ed teacher, and 2:40 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire.” Email: Support me:

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