Renee, great piece and congrats on the curations! Right now, this was very timely for me to read because I’m writing a piece about how much I’m struggling to manage a video game addiction during my time off with Coronavirus. Like you, I grew up with video games that meant a lot to me but I struggled to manage them with other obligation like school, a social life, and grades.

Right now, I just got off a binge of playing six hours of Borderlands without having done anything else the rest of the day. That means not eating and not doing a lot of things I have to do, and pretty much being cut off from the rest of the world. I have written a lot about how video games and particularly MMORPGs wrecked havoc on my childhood and made me socially withdraw from my family, but what about now? I will have an article coming up so thank you so much, Renee, for the inspiration!

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