Thanks for this article. I can’t imagine what the Coronavirus coming would do to people in Baltimore. If you think people aren’t taking social distancing seriously in the suburbs, life has largely gone on in the most impoverished and afflicted parts of our country. Drug dealers are still dealing. Addicts are still using. People are still congregating in large groups, albeit less.

I have seen campaign staffers congregate in a group of about 15 people to promote their mayoral candidate, as well as kids still out there squeegeeing (one of whom is my student). The fact is that, for many people, being able to social distance is a privilege. It means you have a roof over your head, enough food to last a long time, the ability to pay rent while not getting paid, etc.

I worry a lot about my students. I have called several parents who have told me that their kids have spent most of their time outside. I fear for the world where the Coronavirus is only going to spare the most privileged of us…

Having this conversation inspired me to write this:

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Believer, Baltimore City special ed teacher, and 2:40 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire,” God’s gift to the Earth. E-mail:

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