Thanks for writing about this! I think it's really interesting some of the boundaries people put between work and their personal life. I have some teacher friends who don't even go out for drinks with the rest of the staff because of their personal "I don't shit where I eat" philosophy, but are fine with social media. Being among a circle of educators in Baltimore is a predominantly Black space, but different people have vastly different philosophies. I'm glad that everyone has a personal option. I'm all for breaking down boundaries with my co-workers after work hours because teaching is such a boundary-heavy job around students. Perhaps it's just age, but it does get awkward when you're fraternizing with a superior or someone who has power over you.

When I was in Japan, working for the summer in a lab, if the boss wanted to pressure you to drink, you had to drink. I saw person after person simply unable to say no because of the social culture and power dynamics at play. It didn't happen so much with the women I was working with, but it did happen with all the men because it was deemed more socially acceptable.

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