This one means a lot! Wow, thanks Timothy! I had somewhat of an opposite piece written about my writing that was a strange episode, but I moved past it. Anyways, four of those publications that I “edit” for are decentralized which means that everyone in the publication is an editor and essentially just publishes their own work — Invisible Illness is A LOT of work so I try to focus most of my work there.

Anyways, in terms of writing, I’d say that as soon as three months ago, I used to place a high priority on a lot of the things that I didn’t really have the most control over, like curation, promotion, and marketing. These things are all important, but secondary to actually WRITING. Writing is king on Medium — it’s where most of the fun is at. When I find myself waiting on curation and anxious, I write. When I find myself trying too hard to check my stats, I write. Nothing is more important than writing but I’ve also realized that writing is where most of the fun is, and that mindset has been really good for me.

You’re right that this would test my humility with such a kind article. Thank you, Tim!

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