What about both? Regulation helps a lot, but a combination of economics and regulation will likely lead to people using them more safely and when necessary.

Something that kind of is changing my perspective a bit is walking through low-income housing projects in Baltimore, and the extremely high volume of electric scooters in places like the Perkins Projects. And Lime has banned parking scooters in the Perkins Projects, indicated by a big red block over the Projects (which has its own problematic implications with targeted regulations). However, people still used them a lot, so it’s a nuanced issue in that these scooters are extremely cheap and efficient ways to get around, but also can be incredibly unsafe.

Believer, Baltimore City special ed teacher, and 2:40 marathon runner. Diehard fan of “The Wire.” Email: ryanfan17@gmail.com. Support me: ko-fi.com/ryanfan

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